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Note from Maestro: I didn’t actually write this, one of the channel regulars did and asked me to post it.  They wanted to remain anonymous for various reasons.  This probably won’t be very funny to people who don’t hang out on the IRC channel, but for the IRC regulars it’ll be a lot of fun.  If you don’t already, visit us on the IRC Channel, we even have a Java client available that you can use to connect from your browser. :)

Edit (2007/07/24, 19:00): Updated with some new info from the author.

The Setting… At the frontier of the Internet, there’s a small IRC network called IRCHighWay. It’s not an especially large or busy place, but it’s interesting enough. On that network, there’s a small channel called #animeblogger. There aren’t many people there, but there are enough people to make it a place worth visiting. People roll through every now and then, meeting with the regulars or just by accident. No one’s really sure anymore how it got started or how they wound up there, but it’s a place called home by many now.

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