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Sad Girl Receiving a Bill

This is just a quick note to let everyone who’s waiting on an account know what’s going on.  Last month we first had server problems which were caused by our combined sites using too much CPU time and crashing the server.  I finally got that fixed (mainly by moving some people off to another server) and then my health took a turn for the worse and I spent about two weeks unable to spend much time on the computer at all.  Needless to say this has got new account creation way behind.

There’s still a bit of a problem with CPU load on the server, adding too many new accounts at once would not be a good idea.  The good news is I think we’ll be able to upgrade our hosting shortly so this will cease to be an issue, in the meantime I’ll be going ahead and creating accounts for everyone who’s already received a reply to their hosting request (you’ll know if you received it, it asks you for the sitename and what type of E-mail account you want if any).  I’ll be sending this reply out to the rest of the pending requests soon, but there will be a delay before I can start actually creating those accounts.

If you know someone who’s waiting for an account that might not read my blog, please let them know about this post.  Thanks!

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