If you don't take the survey you'll make a cat girl cry.

Here’s a chance for you to help AnimeBlogger.net out and all it’ll take is a small amount of your time. :)  We’re doing a demographics survey to get a better idea of the make up of AB’s audience.  When trying to sell ads it’s important to have this information as companies will ask about your visitors demographics, so having this information will help us when it comes to selling advertising directly.  Even if we turn the management of the ads over to a company who specializes in such things, we’ll still need to know our audience demographics.  (Ad companies want demographics because they use them to target ads to the audience(s) more likely to purchase the product(s) they’re advertising.)

The survey is short, only 14 questions long, and should take you no more than a minute to fill out.  All results are completely anonymous, we aren’t asking for any personally identifying data.  You can find the survey here.

Also don’t forget about our donation drive, we’re already more than halfway to our minimum goal of $1600! A big thank you to everyone who’s donated so far, it’s appreciated more than I can possibly put into words. ^_^

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Nagato on 7 April, 2008 at 2:56 am #

I went ahead and filled out the survey, but the income question made me sad since I’m still a student. ;_;

Anyway, I’ve been having issues adding my blog to the Antenna, I was hoping you could enlighten me on the requirements. I’ve submitted it a few times before, but to no avail… so I assumed I wasn’t qualified. Problem is, there’s not one place that lists pre-requisites for being approved…

Maestro on 7 April, 2008 at 4:12 pm #

Nagato: There’s nothing wrong with your feed, it’s just I’m behind on adding feeds, very, very behind.  And it’s a new season too, I’ve been adding new series to the Antenna for over a week, so haven’t had any time to even look at the pending feeds lately. :(

Nagato on 7 April, 2008 at 6:52 pm #

Well, I believe I applied upwards of 2 months ago…

Does this mean I’m good to go now, or should I apply again?

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