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Note from Maestro: I didn’t actually write this, one of the channel regulars did and asked me to post it.  They wanted to remain anonymous for various reasons.  This probably won’t be very funny to people who don’t hang out on the IRC channel, but for the IRC regulars it’ll be a lot of fun.  If you don’t already, visit us on the IRC Channel, we even have a Java client available that you can use to connect from your browser. :)

Edit (2007/07/24, 19:00): Updated with some new info from the author.

The Setting… At the frontier of the Internet, there’s a small IRC network called IRCHighWay. It’s not an especially large or busy place, but it’s interesting enough. On that network, there’s a small channel called #animeblogger. There aren’t many people there, but there are enough people to make it a place worth visiting. People roll through every now and then, meeting with the regulars or just by accident. No one’s really sure anymore how it got started or how they wound up there, but it’s a place called home by many now.

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This is a followup to my last post about AnimeBlogger.net needing some help financially.  In the comments on that post, and also in a post on Hinano’s blog a few people have misinterpreted things.  So please let me clarify this for record:

  • Making donations is not required if you’re hosted with us, or if you wish to be hosted with us in the future.  If you can’t make a donation that’s fine, you’re welcome to enjoy our hosting the same as it’s always been.  We are merely asking those that can and who would like to help out to make a donation.  We’re not going to think poorly of someone if they don’t or can’t, and this policy is not going to change in the future.  Donations are not mandatory.
  • It will not help AnimeBlogger.net financially for anyone we host to move to other hosting.  We’re in no danger of going over our bandwidth or disc space quotas, and are unlikely to get anywhere near hitting those quotas in the foreseeable future.  In fact we’re still happily accepting new bloggers and will continue to do so.
  • The site is not going to go away, period.  I’m just having a bit of a tough time financially and need some help covering the hosting bill for a few months.  This isn’t a permanent situation.  There are also contingency plans in place for others to take over the site if I become unable to for any reason.

I hope that helps clear things up a bit.  We appreciate everyone’s concern but we don’t want people worrying needlessly. :)  If you have any questions about anything please don’t hesitate to E-mail me and ask. (Note: you will need to remove the obviously extra text from the address before you can send.)

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Let me start off by saying that the site’s not going anywhere, I know that some people are going to (justifiably) worry when the read the rest of this.  Some things will change, nothing really drastically, but the site is not going away.  In the absolute worst case I’ll turn it over to someone else to maintain.

With that said, I’m writing this to let everyone know that on July 1st of this year, I lost my job.  Technically my position was just eliminated and my contract not renewed, but the real reason was because of my health problems.  Nothing can be done about this, I live in an “at will” employment state anyway and they made sure to do this in a way that they don’t look like they were discriminating against me because of my health.

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(2007-10-09): Currently new account requests will be delayed until we can get our hosting upgraded.

You can still send in a request but we won’t be processing it until hosting is upgraded.


This is probably the most asked question about AnimeBlogger.net, and it’s largely because we’ve never really advertised the fact that we offer free hosting for anime/manga blogs.  When I first started the site Matthew did mention the free hosting in a post on his blog, but that’s it, until now at least. :)  In a lot of ways it’s the worst kept secret in the anime/manga blogging community because it has been mentioned on our Forums several times, for example in this thread.  When anime/manga bloggers report needing new hosting you’ll often see people recommend they talk to me, for example this entry at Hige vs Otaku.  I’ll also respond to such posts and offer hosting if I see them, but I don’t always see them before the hosting situation has been resolved.  So how do you get a blog with AnimeBlogger.net?

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Pretty much all of us have to deal with spam at some level.  No matter how annoying the spammers are at any one level they get worse the more things you have to deal with.  For example, just dealing with spam in E-mail can be a real pain if you don’t have good filtering and you have the misfortune of having a common username (even worse if your username is a common English word).  If you’re a blogger you have to deal with comment and trackback spam as well.  It doesn’t matter how popular your blog is or how much you post, as long as there’s a single post that the spambots can comment/trackback to they’ll eventually find you and start spamming your blog.

Spammers, and their spambots, view every single script they can find online as a target.  Those of you who’ve had tagboards or shoutboxes will know exactly what I mean, spammers will try to see if the tagboard/shoutbox script can be abused to send their spam E-mails.  You’ll end up with mail headers from their test attempts posted as comments.  As annoying as they are though, there are some very smart people out there writing the bots that they use to attack us.  In dealing with spam on the site, I’ve noticed that the patterns of attack are very different depending on the attacked service.

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When I first set up my blog my original intentions were to review older anime series.  I quickly found out that I didn’t have 1. the time, and 2. the desire to do proper reviews and so my blog has been rather disused.  In fact I think most of my traffic of late is from spambots trying to post comment spam.  After thinking about this for a while I’ve decided on a new direction for the blog.  Since AnimeBlogger.net has grown so much since I started it back in February 2005, I think it’s important for there to be a way for me to communicate with the anime/manga/gaming blogging community in an “official” capacity as the founder/owner of AnimeBlogger.net.  While official announcements about the site will be made to the site announcements mailing list and the forums (and eventually to the main site), here I’ll be able to provide further insight into the reasoning behind them.  This doesn’t mean I’ll completely stop reviews, there may be the occasional one that I do, especially if there are cases where I’m requested to review something.  It just means that my main focus now is not on doing reviews but on communication.  That and doing more regular posts (every 6 to 12 months isn’t working too well. ;) )
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